The Lost Malaysian Plane

The recent report that a military air craft saw a shadow in the region alleged to have been the crash site of the lost Malaysian plane has given hope to many of the family and friends of those on board the plane. The search for the said plane has now arrived at a crystal phase. The next five months will determine whether the plane will be lost or found on the ocean floor.


The flight, Malaysian Airlines MH370, has been searched for the last nine months. Search crews started combing the ocean floor from March 8th when the plane was first reported missing. The ill-fated plane had 239 passengers and crew on board. During the commencement of the search, there was a lot of area to cover because of the large radius that it was alleged to crash. Currently, the search has been narrowed down to approximately 40,000 square miles. Such an area is estimated to take a few months for the search to be completed.


An international search group spokesman gave several statements regarding the lost plane and the current search efforts. In one of the statements, the spokesman said that as long as there were no significant delays arising from weather, equipment issues and vessel failure, the present underwater search may be mostly completely by May 2015. He finished by telling the Weekend Australian that he could not divulge further details, but relevant updates would be consistently provided when available.


A report by the international search group has noted that the search will face great difficulty. There are several challenges the search team is likely to face during their task. To start with, the search area is close to the treacherous southern hemisphere. This area is famous for being whipped up by the popular ‘roaring forties’ wind. Additionally, the terrain is varied and it covers sub-sea valleys, mountains and volcanoes. Lastly, the water in the southern part of the Indian Ocean is extremely deep. All these are factors that can substantially hinder the search progress of the said area. Many experts and professionals believe that the said search area is the last real hope of finding the lost Malaysian plane.


There are some professionals and / or experts who believe the pane is completely lost. Their analysis is that the treacherous underwater conditions in the priority search area will make the plane impossible to find. An author by the name of Nigel Cawthorne is one of the professionals who believe the plane will never be found. In an interview Britain’s Express newspaper, he stated that the sea floor there is less well-known to man than the surface of the moon, the weather there is worst n the world and the current there is the worst in the world. He concluded by saying that the 40,000 mile search area is the most remote part of the planet.


Nigel Cawthorne is responsible for writing the book Flight MH370: The Mystery. He has on several occasions said that he believes search crews of the plan are in fact nowhere near the plane. He has also said there is no sensible theory as to the location of the plane. Lastly, the disappearance of the Flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines has led to a number of conspiracy theories. Some state that the plane was hijacked by terrorist and landed at an unknown location while others say it was shot down by American armed forces.

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